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The Worst Toppings For Your Salad

October 24, 2016

Turn that Healthy Salad Upside Down with these Unhealthy Toppings
1. Fried Anything
Crispy fried onions or tortilla chips practically turn your salad into a bar food. The fried stuff might add a nice crunch, but there's a price to pay. Anything that has breading and has been fried is going to add a significant amount of calories and processed carbs. If you are missing the crunch in your salad, try adding a few nuts or seeds.

2. Cheese
An American staple, one of the most delicious and flavorful salad toppings lands on the no no list. But, cheese is made up mostly of fat and is much higher in calories than most of us would like to believe. If you must have cheese, just be conscious of the amount you're adding to your salad. Less is better.

3. Dried Fruit
You're making a healthy lunch decision, you're having the salad bar so you toss some dried fruit into your salad. Problem is, you're also tossing on processed sugar and excess cals. It’s very likely that the type of dried fruit you’ll find at a salad bar—be it cranberries or raisins—is sweetened with added sugar, not to mention the fact that you will probably pile on more than you need. Plus, fruit loses volume and water during the dehydrating process, so your serving size is much smaller compared to a portion of non-dried grapes or another fresh fruit.

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