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502 FIT Concierge Services are customized programs to suit your team’s specific wellness and fitness needs. We take pride in providing experienced, educated and versatile health professionals to motivate and inspire clients into a healthier lifestyle.

502 FIT training will provide 100% undivided attention in a program that is specifically tailored to meet your needs.  502 FIT trainers come prepared to give a specialized workout at your worksite location.

Worksite Wellness

Organizations are recognizing that improving the health, and therefore increasing productivity, of their workforce can do more than cut costs. Increased productivity leads to an improved bottom line and sustained competitive advantage. The implication is simple: by taking a strategic approach to wellness, an organization develops a workforce that is healthier, more productive and more likely to drive value.

Wellness Programs Improve Employee Health Behaviors

The core of every good wellness program is behavior change. With the right education, skills, motivation, skills/tools, and social support, people change behaviors.  Wellness programs are good at helping people adopt and maintain healthy behaviors.  This is perhaps the biggest benefit of having a wellness program.

Healthy behaviors lead to lower health risks, and lower health risks lead to less chronic disease.  With less chronic disease employees have fewer health care costs.

Wellness Programs Reduce Elevated Health Risks

The foundation of any good wellness program must be focused on helping employees adopt healthy behaviors. Elevated blood glucose, high blood cholesterol, and high blood pressure are almost all caused by unhealthy diets and lack of physical activity. Eating and exercising are behaviors. One workplace wellness statistic shows that in as little as 6 weeks health risks could improve dramatically.

Wellness Programs Can Decrease Absenteeism

Worksites with comprehensive wellness programs can experience reduced absenteeism for a variety of reasons:

  1. Employees with good health behaviors have lower absenteeism
  2. Employees who can control their stress have lower absenteeism
  3. Employees with healthy blood pressure, cholesterol, and glucose have lower absenteeism.
  4. Employees who are not overweight or obese have lower absenteeism

502 FIT concierge worksite wellness programs deliver a wide range of onsite fitness and nutrition classes.

Class Information and Benefits:

  • 6, 8 or 12-week session packages
  • Body Composition measurements pre and post session
  • Physical Assessments for non-scale objective measurements and victories
  • Team Building Exercises
  • Great for team wellness challenges
  • Certified, trained and experienced professional coaches
  • All fitness levels welcome (coaches are trained to effectively modify any exercise)
  • Affordable company or employee payment plans
  • Go365 partners, employees receive points for classes

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502 Fit Pass

502 Fit Pass