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Worksite Wellness Testimonial Robin Gagel

September 20, 2017

Meet Robin. She is naturally a small framed woman who used this to her advantage her whole life. She was able to keep a small figure with lack of exercise. When EPIC Insurance brought 502 FIT in for an onsite wellness class, Robin joined the program and began to see changes. Her friends noticed her legs began to have definition, she had more energy and she stared making healthier food choices. Robin is down 14 pounds (which is a good chunk for her frame) and now is a dedicated bootcamper. Here is what Robin had to say:
Cynthia has thought me so much about fitness and making better choices.

I had never exercised before and was lucky enough growing up I could get by with it.

Well, turning 50 made me realize I needed to get in shape and start making better choices. She helped us realize that exercising can be fun and seeing results made me want to keep doing it! The key is sticking with it and showing up. She is a great couch and inspiring woman who makes you want to keep pushing!
Keep it up @robinjean01 ???????????????????????? 50 looks good on you!!!
— with Robin RoBards Gagel.

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