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What is and why we do tabata training

September 9, 2017

20 years ago Professor Izumi Tabata put Olympic speed skaters through sheer training hell.  Professor Tabata came up with a training regime in which each one of his Olympic speed skaters would work at max effort for 20 seconds and recover for 10 seconds for 8 rounds.  The results were so positive and effective, that it spawned the culture of “HIIT” training.

As the popularity of Intensity training grows, so does the research behind it and the positive results it creates. Not only is Intensity Training effective for increasing performance, but it also increases bone density, muscle mass, burns fat, increases testosterone and human growth hormone levels.  All good things to improve performance, reduce injury, increase energy levels, increase lean muscle mass, reduce fat cells, improve metabolic conditions and reduce chances of metabolic diseases. 

Classes on FIT PASS that offer Intensity and Tabata Training:

Lean Rx Blairwood
Bootcamp and TRX Flex Appeal
Unloaded Derby City CrossFit
Hangar Strong UpLift Training
TRX Hiit and BoxFit  FIT502
Push/Pull Days BAREFit Training
MetCon Everyday Athletes
Adult Fitness Glassworks
B. Barre Cardio Tabata BYou Fitness
Hiit Bootcmap MADE Fitness
Adult Strenght Baptist Fitness
M.E.T. Results By Design

502 Fit Pass

502 Fit Pass