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Weightless Float Center

March 11, 2018

weightless float centerWeightless Float Center is a wellness center in Distillery Commons in the heart of Louisville. Weightless offers flotation therapy, infrared sauna, massage, yoga, and meditation classes. Become the greatest version of yourself!

What is flotation therapy? It's amazing, and profoundly relaxing. Floating, or R.E.S.T., involves float effortlessly in a large, warm pool of water with over 900lbs of Epsom salt dissolved into it. The salt lets your body float, like a cork, on the surface so you don't feel gravity, and the water is the same temperature as your skin so you don't feel the water. And IF YOU CHOOSE TO you can close the lid and turn out the light making the tank lightproof and soundproof. The combined effects leave your body and mind in a total state of relaxation which is optimal for sports recovery, detoxification, meditation, sleep, relaxation, pain management, and more. Studies find 1hr in a float tank is the equivalent of 4hrs of sleep! There is something for everyone in a float, we promise.

600 Distillery Cmns Ste 150, Louisville, KY 40206

502 Fit Pass

502 Fit Pass