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The New Recovery Trend

September 15, 2016

The New Recovery Trend..... Floating

Looking for a moment of pure, quiet, therapeutic bliss? You could try sealing yourself in a dark tank of warm water, effortlessly floating with no lights or sound to distract you, in the hopes of relieving pain, easing stress and clearing the mind.

It’s good enough for two-time NBA MVP Stephen Curry. Four-time Super Bowl champion quarterback Tom Brady is a huge fan, too — he even owns his own tank. The Navy SEALS are also regular devotees, inspiring college athletics programs like Ohio State’s football team to incorporate it into its recovery program.
Here’s how it works: Practitioners fill a special tank with warm water and nearly 1,000 pounds of Epsom salts, creating a dense solution that allows for effortless flotation, thereby releasing the body from gravity. This treatment is usually performed in a quiet, lightproof pod, encouraging the brain and body to relax. The temperature of the water and surrounding air are warm enough to be “skin-receptor neutral,” making it difficult for the float subject to differentiate where the water ends and where their body begins.

The heart rate slows down, your breathing slows down and your blood pressure lowers. The treatment lasts for approximately one hour and is supposed to help decompress the spine, draw out toxins and release stored tension, while also providing a meditative atmosphere for further relaxation.

Studies have shown that float therapy has the ability to decrease stress, anxiety and severe pain while increasing optimism and sleep quality, the latter being a key factor to the repair and recovery of overworked muscles and overstimulated minds. It’s no surprise that this treatment attracts clients with extremely physical jobs, but it can also benefit anyone with chronic pain or stress, regardless of age, size or fitness level.

502 FIT PASS has partnered with Weightless Float Center to provide our members with a special floating price. We believe in this and think everyone should float.

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