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Member of the Month

May Member of the Month Liz

May 1, 2018

We wanted to recognize Liz for her hard work and class diversity since joining 502 FIT PASS. She got out of her comfort zone and started trying new workouts, and has found strength and friendships along the way.
1.   What drives you to be healthy and fit?
I feel driven to be healthy and fit for a number of reasons.  First, I want to do everything within my capacity to remain as healthy and strong for my family and those I serve through my work as possible.  I also believe it is important as a role model for my daughter to live a lifestyle  inclusive of a multitude of healthy behaviors.  Being active is so important for not only our physical bodies, but also our mental and emotional health.
2.  What is your favorite class/studio on 502 FIT PASS and why?
My favorite class on 502 Fit Pass is Sean's TRX class at Germantown Lofts.  Sean is knowledgeable with regard to exercise physiology and form which I value as a way to limit my risk for injury. His music taste is quite similar to my own too, so that just makes the work out even better!
3. What do you like about taking a variety of group fitness classes?
I feel able to be both self motivated and also motivated by the energy of others.  A group class allows me to keep my own pace while being mindful to push myself to do my best.  I enjoy the opportunity to meet new folks and see some familiar faces from time to time as well.
4. Why did you decide to join 502 FIT PASS?
My good friend Molly, whom I've worked out with over the past couple of years saw a deal on the 502Fit PASS last November and encouraged me to join.  I loved the classes and flexibility right from the start!
5.  What changes have you seen in yourself since taking FIT PASS classes?
Since joining 502 Fit PASS I have seen myself grow in my strength as well as my prioritization of my own self care.  I've enjoyed challenging myself to try new things and meeting new people along the way.
502 Fit Pass

502 Fit Pass