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Member of the Month

March Member of the Month Mimi Hahn

March 15, 2017

MARCH MEMBER OF THE MONTH Mimi Hahn. Mimi and her boyfriend have been members for months. Couples that play together, stay together! Here is a little about our kick ass member Mimi:

1. Favorite place to eat- I most often eat at the post, but I love trying new places like red hog on Frankfort Ave.

2. my family has a cabin outside Asheville and I love traveling there, it is a home away from home.

3. I love TRX at Flex Appeal with Theresa, my partner and I are there religiously the first Tuesday of every month. Theresa has a physical therapy background so everything feels very intentional and purposeful.

4. I decided to do fitpass because I knew my body needed a more diverse workout regimen. I am a yoga instructor and thus practice a lot of yoga, a year ago I kept pulling my right hamstring and it was making walking somewhat uncomfortable. I asked a PT friend what I could do to prevent this and she suggested deadlifts. I was like 'wtf?!?' It was then I realized I had surrounded myself in a very strict workout bubble and I needed to breakthrough in order to create optimal functioning of my body. Since starting fitpass I feel much stronger and more confident!

Mimi also owns Endless Summer Paddle, they paddle at several locations starting in the spring and she teaches some indoor SUP classes as you see in the picture. Check them out!

502 Fit Pass

502 Fit Pass