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June Member of the Month

June 7, 2017

Meet Ashley!

1. Favorite vacation: Las Vegas
2. Favorite place to eat: The Eagle
3. Favorite thing to do in Louisville: I really like checking out anything 'new' that opens: restaurants, shops, bars
4. Favorite fitpass class: SWEAT at Mid City Barbell because well... I'm a little biased. It is like your personal training sessions with me but in a group setting. Plus you push everyone
5. I love Fitpass. I've always been intimidated of Crossfit gyms. I've been to probably 4 different ones now and have found that the people there are super nice and welcoming. I love trying different bootcamps at the different gyms. I have found one thing in common with them all... burpees. I love it. I like being pushed hard and I like variety. Fitpass lets me out of my comfort zone and pushes me to meet new people and learn about all of the 'hidden gen' gyms in the area ????

502 Fit Pass

502 Fit Pass