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Chasing the Endurance High

September 7, 2017

Ever heard of a runner’s high?  That euphoric feeling of all those endorphins your brain releases when running at a break-neck pace?

No? Well, it’s not something everyone gets and why a large sector of the population does not enjoy running.  At FIT PASS, we offer an even better option to achieve this feeling:

We would like to offer you the opportunity to get HIGH in Interval Training classes!

These classes are all about the endurance interval, a very long active work period followed by a short rest period.  You might find your mind wandering to distant places as this class progresses.

The urban legend is that you can burn up to 1000 calories during some of these workouts.  We will let you give it a shot and see what you think.


An Endurance High can leave you with an immense sense of accomplishment.  You might feel intoxicated and empowered by what you just accomplished.  These effects can last for hours after class, so we advise that you sign up for your next endurance interval class as soon as possible to ensure the opportunity to get your next fix!

Endurance HIGH classes:

Bootcamp Savoy Fintess
Red Zone Blairwood
Unloaded Derby City CrossFit
BURN CrossFit Bluegrass
Adult Fitness Heuser Health
Box N Burn MADE Fitness
BOXFit FIT 502


502 Fit Pass

502 Fit Pass