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Member of the Month

April 502 FIT PASS Member of the Month

April 2, 2018

Meet Kimberly Cockeril, the 502 FIT PASS April 2018 Member of the Month!

What drives you to be active?

Being active keeps my stress and anxiety levels down, plus I love getting outdoors and walking my 3 dogs.  I like being active as it makes you feel great!


Have you always lived a healthy lifestyle? If not, what made you change? 

 Not really, I was always thin/skinny and could eat whatever I wanted but one day that all changed. I started gaining weight after turning 41. I decided to try a 28 day challenge every January of eating clean about 6 years ago. I actually learned about foods that were good for you and all the bad things I had been eating!

What is something many people do not know about you? 

I’m so terrified of needles and if I ever have blood drawn it’s terrible. I fainted once it was so bad!


What is your favorite gym/class on FIT PASS and why? 

I always thought I hated yoga, but now I LOVE it! So Exhale Yoga and PM Yoga, Sweaty Buddha are my favs.

Why did you decide to join FIT PASS?

I was a member of OrangeTheory but got bored with the same workout routine. I love that 502FitPass offers so many options for various workouts and times.
502 Fit Pass

502 Fit Pass